Altmann spotlights are of superior quality and their remarkable features include high optical efficiency, high image quality with good contrast and resolution, even distribution of light with high edge brightness as well as its robust design and reliable quality in mechanical serial production.

The light-collecting system has a double-condenser of pure white mirror glass with aspherical correction of the caustic error; the lenses are thermally cured and extremely resistant to thermoshock. The imaging zoom has been optimized in terms of image aberrations; the variation range of the scattering angle is customized to the individual use. The spotlights are reliable in operation, easy to handle and maintenance-friendly.

A manufacturer of profile spots and follow spots with variable focal length (zoom), ALTMANN, with its many years of experience, offers a solution for basically every task in artificial light and daylight. Thus the stage can be lighted from virtually any position. Moreover, we will gladly work with you to develop customized solutions. Ergonomics, efficiency and sustainability are of central importance: they help to reduce energy consumption and the need for consumables and accessories.