The housings and modules of Altmann spotlights are produced mechanically on state-of-the-art CNC production lines. Our manufacturers and suppliers are certified. The latest optics design, respectively CAD software, is used to calculate the parameters of the optical lens systems and for the spotlights' design. Our product range includes lens spotlights as well as, in particular, zoom profile and follow spots with halogen or HMI lamps.

Thanks to our developing and manufacturing capacities and our know-how, we can also satisfy special customer needs.

ALTMANN LICHTOPTIK GMBH was established in 1995 in Stuttgart by Josef Altmann and Friedrich Werning, then managing shareholder of WERNING THEATERTECHNIK THEATER-BEDARF GMBH; ALTMANN LICHTOPTIK GMBH distributes the Altmann spotlights, which are developed and manufactured by ALTMANN LICHTTECHNIK GMBH in Sulz am Neckar.

With an interruption of two years during which he was optical designer in the mathematical office of the company Jos. Schneider in Bad Kreuznach, Mr. Altmann was head of development and held other responsible positions with the company EMIL NIETHAMMER GMBH from 1972 to 1994. During that time, and in close cooperation with the leading theatres, the ENISPOT, UNISPOT and ENIZOOM lines of spotlights were developed that led to global recognition and were delivered to all theatres and opera houses.

Mr. Altmann has been a lecturer at the School of Master Craftsmanship for Event Technology in Darmstadt (GFTN) for years.